Transforming Homes with Custom Carpentry Projects in Auburn

Let’s get wild! A lot of fun is in store for Auburn-Opelika residents this August 2-3, 2019 because of the Wildlife Festival. Both enjoyable AND educational, the Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education has 30 live animals for us to meet and interact with during the festival. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the event here.

We’re sure the event will be a transformative experience for animal lovers who can get up close and personal with their favorite furry and scaly friends. Although our team doesn’t work with such amazing creatures, we’ve been busy transforming properties all over Auburn… With quality, cost-efficient custom carpentry projects!

Here are the latest jobs we got to work on this week.

Flooring Installation: From Boring VCT to Beautiful Bamboo

old tiles replaced with new flooring auburn.jpg

The new owners of this property were just moving in from out of state. They wanted everything in their home to be perfect, which is why they contacted Auburn Custom Carpentry!

Our client wanted something with a fresh clean look, compared to the old carpeting and VCT tiles which were very outdated. Thus, we were requested to replace the flooring in the pictured entry area to the loft, the loft itself, and three bedrooms. It was a total of 1,400 square feet.

To achieve the aesthetic our client wanted, we used engineered bamboo. This type of flooring is not only cost-efficient, but it is also eco-friendly, solid, and hard-wearing. Plus, it looks refreshing!

Even though the transactions were done long distance as they hadn’t moved in yet, we were able to coordinate everything well. The installation was seamless, as you can see in the picture below.

new bamboo flooring home improvement auburn.jpeg

Repairing a Rotted Wood Door, Frame, and Trim in Auburn

Our next client was one of our property management customers. A new tenant moved in recently, and required our immediate services. As you can see in the picture below, the original wood door, door frame, and exterior property on their property was rotted out.

Rot happens, even to the fanciest of homes. Wood will start to rot when it gets exposed to too much water. This is not only an eyesore, but can also leave an opening for pest, air, and water infiltration.

auburn rotting wood door replaced pvc door.jpg

You can tell if the wood in your door frames, door trim, and window trim are rotted with a simple test. All you need to do  is take a knife and gently poke the lowest portion of the trim. If it’s soft, or if the knife penetrates with little force, it’s time to replace the wood! At Auburn Custom Carpentry, what we do is use a PVC material available in the same style as the common exterior trim. This will not rot, so our clients can avoid any future issues.

That’s exactly what we did for this client. As your go-to professional handymen in the area of Auburn, it was our job to protect our client from any unwanted pests entering their home, as well as avoiding other issues that come with rotted wood. We replaced everything that was rotted out, from the trim to the door itself. It took us less than a day to finish this project. And this is what their door looks like now!

new pvc door no rot auburn home repair.jpeg

Do you want to beautify your living space with custom carpentry? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski