Improving Auburn Home Interiors with High-Quality Makeovers This First Week of July

You’ve probably experienced eating out before. What do you do when you get delicious food and great service? You come back and recommend the restaurant to all your friends! Even if the food at this restaurant costs more than others, you’d still eat there because the price is worth it.

But what if your experience was horrible? Maybe the service was snail-pace slow or the food was burnt. You’d probably not come back, nor would you tell any of your acquaintances to eat there at all. Because of this bad experience, the restaurant loses customers and profit while gaining an unpleasant reputation.

The very same applies to contracting projects. There are plenty of people who’ve had difficulties with unprofessional contractors, giving them a negative outlook on the industry as a whole. We at Hōm Group want to change their minds with high-quality projects and top tier professionalism.

In this blog post, we feature the project that made us want to open a business and beautify other people’s homes. Read on to learn more!

Master Bedroom in Auburn Needs a New Look

Shawn Lewandowski - C211AF4E-6834-4EA9-911F-1E97AD563294.jpeg

This project was actually in the master bedroom of my home. Above, you can see what it looked like before I started. It doesn’t look like a mess... But it doesn’t look amazing either!

We spend a lot of time in our bedroom compared to the rest of our living space. Thus, our master bedroom should be organized and peaceful while still exuding our own sense of aesthetic. So how do we achieve this? By customizing it, of course!

I wanted to create a wow factor as well as create more storage. The goal was to nail this master bedroom makeover without having to spend too much money or time.

Shawn Lewandowski - 7B1B01EE-B162-4F2A-9EA3-4CC7D0B0427C.jpeg

For starters, I used cabinet grade plywood and solid pine for the cabinets and shelving.

Pine is strong yet malleable, making it great at support and easy to work with. Plywood, on the other hand, is economical, precisely measured, and doesn’t crack or warp if exposed to changes in moisture. Both work well in creating quality cabinets to improve the interior of your home.

Shawn Lewandowski - AD4730D3-942F-4FFC-9D9A-E1C638368FAB.jpeg

Next, I used pine wall paneling for the back wall and stacked quartz stone for the fireplace.

Quartz creates a unique contemporary look that quickly transforms plain and boring walls. Just adding the quartz, with its textured cool white tones, has already made quite the difference in this bedroom!

Shawn Lewandowski - 2CD9C2E3-11AA-40BD-8729-4361062FBE08.jpeg

And this is what the completed project looks like. I built this entirely by myself, and it took me only two weekends.

Once I finished it, I saw an opportunity. I could use my skills and talent to build a team and provide this quality to homes all over Auburn. With quality as our primary objective, we not only reduce costs on our end because defects are avoided, but our clients are also much more satisfied with our work. We have continued to offer such quality home improvements to happy clients, and you could be one of them, too.

Does your master bedroom need a new look with a quality home improvement project? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski