New Look, Better Quality with Auburn Custom Carpentry

We are about to welcome the month of August in a matter of days! Isn’t that exciting? To think, just weeks ago we were waiting for the start of July. Time sure flies by. And as time passes, things change—the weather gets sunnier or cloudier, trends come and go, and even we aren’t the same people we were yesterday.

Businesses are no exemption from this rule. In order to provide services that suit the growing needs of clients, we must continuously improve. For such reasons, our team decided that it was time for a transformation!

You can see from the website itself—we are now Auburn Custom Carpentry. In this blog post, we will tell you the what’s and why’s behind this change.

Welcoming Change in Auburn with High-Quality Custom Carpentry

Our customers have always been our top priority. Any decision we make as a business always has our clientele in mind. To make things easier for future clients, we wanted a name that could let people know what we do and where we’re from at a glance. And then it hit us. Auburn Custom Carpentry! Simple, recognizable, and easy to remember. We hope that becomes a household name around the area in the months to come.

auburn custom carpentry projects.jpg

Despite the name change, we are still made up of the same group of dedicated and talented professionals. Ever since we launched this business a while back, we have learned quite a lot. Tricks of the trade, customer preferences, the best materials to use, and more. We also learned a lot about ourselves as craftsmen. After all the projects our team has handled, we found that we best serve our clients when performing finish carpentry work.

auburn custom carpenters for hire.jpg

As Auburn Custom Carpentry, we now specialize in:

  • Trim carpentry

  • Built-in shelving

  • Wood flooring

  • Decks

  • And wood fencing.

We continue our mission to improve people’s lives and homes, but this time through carpentry services. We do that by not only delivering projects of superior quality but also by ensuring our clients have the best experience possible. This is kept consistent from initial contact, through the end of the project and beyond.

wood shelving fencing custom carpentry in auburn.jpg

And the transformation doesn’t stop there! We leveled up by moving into a 2,000 sq. ft. ship in Auburn. At our new location, we will be better able to grow and serve our clients. We can’t wait to share pictures of our new location with you, so watch out for our upcoming blog posts.

Do you want a positive change in your living space with custom carpentry? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski