This Week: A Built-In Entertainment Center That Adds Personality and Value

A living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bedroom. These rooms are considered essential for a simple home. But even then, people do need a place to have fun – a place where they can not only relax, but also enjoy their hobbies and other great activities. That’s where entertainment centers come in as a great addition to any home!

Having an entertainment center in your home not only provides an area for you to do the things you like to do, but it also enhances its “fun factor”. While a place for you to enjoy yourself is a great idea in general, a room that is disorganized and cluttered is a disaster. Sure, people can have multiple avenues to get entertainment from, but that does not excuse huge messes!

An effective entertainment center needs to carefully thought out – how will it accommodate activities without interruption or inconvenience, how can materials used for activities be easily organized, and how will the appearance visually please the homeowner? You need to consider the room’s light and furniture placement, TV and monitor positioning, making sure wires are not tangled to be too confusing and dangerous, having enough organized space for your things, as well as other design elements to make the room lively and have a purpose.

A great center for entertainment that puts all of these into consideration was the subject of our work for this week. Check it out below!

Making Things More Entertaining in Auburn AL

home improvement build entertainment room.png

In this project site in Auburn, Alabama, we worked on the optimization of storage space as our client requested. They also asked that the entertainment center have depth and dimension as well as tying it into the fireplace so it looks like it was built with the house.

Entertainment centers work best if they are tailor-fit to the owner’s needs. We made sure to customize everything to add our client’s personality to the room. As we started working on this project, we collaborated with the homeowner on ideas. Our team identified the client’s needs while providing expert feedback and advice, with initial sketches prior to beginning construction.

And here’s what the project looks like as we were working on the center shelving! We always consider the quality of materials used. As the entertainment center will be frequently used, We used durable materials that can withstand wear-and-tear and repeated use for long periods of time.

The shelves stick out like a sore thumb in this picture, but take a look at how we put it all together...

custom built in entertainment center auburn home.jpeg

As each room unique shapes and sizes, making an add-on look like it’s part of the home can be challenging. With our creative minds and skilled craftsmanship, we managed to pull off this feat – tying the shelving unit into the fireplace’s tapered mantel with a filler piece!

This project took one person only 5 to 6 days to complete. And here’s what it looks like in use below.

entertainment room built in auburn home construction.png

Is Having an Entertainment Room Important At All?

An entertainment center like this can add value to any home. Plus, it can boost the morale of residents and make your living spaces more exciting! Take note that the entertainment room does not have to be restricted to a dedicated room. In fact, a lot of homes tend to make living rooms a “two-in-one living and entertainment room”, or converting their basement into a neat “man-made cave”. These entertainment rooms can attract potential home buyers in the future as well, so that’s great if you plan on selling your home in the future. Now, pass me the remote!

Do you want an entertainment center so you can Netflix and chill? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski