Home Improvement Projects—Safe Home Sweet Home in Auburn

There's no place like home.

Nothing beats sleeping in your own abode, no matter how simple it may be as long as you're surrounded by warmth and safety. Your home is supposed to be the safest, most comfortable place to stay in. But what if your house is full of safety hazards? It’s an accident waiting to happen!

We don't want kids running around and getting hurt over minor house problems that could have been prevented earlier, right? Even grandma needs a sturdy staircase to walk on. These issues can be solved with home improvement projects. Everyone, both young and old deserves a makeover that not only looks good but is also safe and secure. 

Several homeowners have entrusted their homes in our expert hands. We have successfully improved and fortified homes of satisfied clients from all over the area. Read more to find out about our latest projects and achievements. 

Bringing Out the Best of Your Home in Auburn

Our most recent successful project happened in Auburn. Our client had their parents living with them. For the longest time, they had to make do with walking in the grass up a steep hill just to get from the basement to the driveway.

Steep hills are dangerous, especially during the rainy season as the ground becomes muddy and difficult to walk on. Our client and his family were in danger of slipping and other related accidents. Issues like this compromise their safety and well-being. 

A home improvement project is going to be more than helpful in situations like these. Not only will it help the house look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also get rid of the hazards that can harm its residents.

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Since the client needed safe access to the driveway from the basement, we decided that building a wooden walkway as the best solution for their dilemma. 

We chose to use wood as the base material for the pathway. This material is inexpensive yet durable, but there was a small issue. Creating a wooden walkway is easy enough for our team, but to build one in compliance with legal codes was the challenge. Our team made sure to meet the demands of ensuring the correct walkway elevation as well as following code-compliant slopes.

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Choosing the right wood also needed careful planning since different types of wood react differently to the weather and aging. Our team decided to use pressure-treated pine wood as it is a sturdy choice. We also included a number of different structural connection hardware items for a better and stronger framework.

Plus, we didn’t forget about the rainy days that could cause slippery pathways! To address this, we spread sand all over the pathway after staining it in order to build a slip-resistant path without losing its classy touch. We don't want accidents and we don't want shabby looking pathways because of unsightly walkway strips either. Not on our watch! 

Our team of two took less than 2 weeks to completely finish the project.

Project Followup is Important to Our Crew

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Sometimes, wear and tear is unavoidable because of elements we cannot control. Thus, we always make sure to check with the client after the completion of the project.

Good thing we did! The handrails attached to the pathway had loosened over the course of half a year with continuous, daily use as well as the aftermath of climate change. The wood shrunk due to both the sun's heat and the rain's wetness.

We made sure to fix everything up as soon as possible. It is our obligation to ensure that our projects are in tip-top shape even after completion. To this day, our clients are enjoying the benefits of a safe,  accident-free pathway regardless of what Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

Do you have any problems that can be solved with a quality home improvement project? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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