Best of the Week - Home Improvement Projects that Solve Problems in Auburn

We’ve all got problems - but some can be solved with home improvement! A crowded home, a dull living room, damaged flooring, and dirty stairs. Those are just a few of the challenges we have to face as skilled carpenters every week. Take a look at how Hōm Group fixed these below.

A Clever Way to Maximize Space with a Laundry Room Remodel

For our first project, an Auburn family called us in to help them create more space in their home. They are a young family of five, but only had a small closet to house their washer and dryer. Imagine how cramped that is!

To help them maximize their space, our plan was to remove one of the walls that divided their laundry closet and an outdoor closet. We decided to enclose the outdoor walkway in the first picture below to create a new hallway from the living area to their new laundry room.

laundry room remodel before.jpg

We removed the door on the left to create a cased opening to the new hallway. To keep this area easily accessible from the outside, we also cut the brick and removed the window on the right to install a sliding door.

laundry room remodel in progress.jpg

Take a look at how we transformed their laundry closet into a full laundry room! Our family loved the look and feel of the brick wall, so we left as much brick exposed as possible. Without the old dividing wall, the family now has a lot more leg room to do their laundry. Plus, the new hallway adds space for their kids to leave their shoes, hang their backpacks, and more.

laundry room remodel complete.jpg

Our four-man crew worked on this for two and a half weeks. It was well worth the wait!

Bringing Life to a Homeowner’s Living Room

The next project brings us to another home in Auburn. Our client had just moved into their new home, but the living room looked a little bland and boring. Plus, they were having storage issues - they did not have any shelving in the living room to put their stuff on.

living room remodel before.jpg

Our team decided to breathe some life into this old living room by creating a lovely focal point. We removed the old mantle and tile. After, we framed and wrapped the new fireplace in beautiful white quartz stacked stone.

Next, we custom fabricated the built-in shelving, drawers, and cabinets. To give it a sophisticated feel, we used cabinet grade plywood and high-grade pine for the cabinets and trim. Now our client has storage for their odds and ends.

After only five days, this homeowner could now rest and relax in a classy living room that suited their tastes. Our skilled work definitely made a difference in this home!

living room remodel complete.jpg

Our Flooring Solution for Water Damage from an A/C

A/Cs are supposed to give us comfort with cooler air, but they can do damage as well. Because of a leak from an A/C unit in an adjacent closet, this client’s flooring, framing AND subflooring started looking worse for wear. And as you can see from the picture to the right, the damage was very extensive. The subflooring had started to rot!

flooring damaged from ac water.jpg
flooring fixed.jpg

This was a safety hazard, so our team moved quickly to remove the damaged wood flooring and rotted sub-flooring. We then repaired the structural framing by reinforcing the floor joists. After that, we rebuild the sub-flooring and finished wood flooring.

We are expert problem solvers, so we were able to piece together the new boards with the old. This saved our customer from having to remove and replace their flooring in the entire room.  

Converting Stairs to Hardwood Made Easy

Carpeted stairs can get dirty easily and be difficult to clean. This creates an eyesore in your home, and an additional chore as well.

carpet stairs remodel before.jpg

This homeowner asked us to convert their carpeted stairs to a hardwood one. We removed the carpeting and replaced it with solid oak treads and new painted risers. Because we value the opinions of our clients, we made sure to stain the treads on site to our client’s color of choice.  


The project came with its own challenges. For this job, the sides of each step were out of square. We had to custom cut each step so they could fit without any unsightly gaps at the edges. And because of the extra time we took, the stairs came out beautifully! It took our two-man crew one and a half days to finish.

Do you have a problem that can be solved with a home improvement project? Our carpenters can work on it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski