Featured Project: Get More Closet Space with a Quality Wardrobe

Homeowners know how difficult sorting out storage in houses can be. Too much furniture can be suffocating and space-consuming. But if designed effectively, furniture can also save you space. Don’t forget that without furniture, your rooms look bland and empty. 

One important piece of furniture that is an essential part of any home is the wardrobe. Unfortunately, people sometimes forget about this when they buy, build, or renovate homes. They’re too preoccupied with kitchens and bathrooms that they forget all the benefits a good wardrobe provides.

Let’s see how we at Hōm Group solved our client’s problems with a customized high-quality wardrobe!

Auburn Homeowner Needs More Closet Space

Our client in Auburn had recently relocated to a new area. They were absolutely in love with their beautiful home, but they had one problem. The closet space did not suit their needs at all. They needed more room for clothes storage, but buying a ready-made one might not match the aesthetics of their home.

home improvement not enough closet space hom 629.jpg

Aside from not matching the style and look, store-bought wardrobes often look awkward in the nooks and crannies of their home. So should this homeowner put up with cramming their accessories and clothes in limited space, or choose a wardrobe that sticks out like a sore thumb?

Closets, Drawers, and Shelving, Oh My!

Hōm Group had the perfect solution—a custom-made wardrobe! We designed the wardrobe exactly to the requirements, needs, and preferences of our client. They provided us with the details and the features so that our capable team could make it happen.

The large cabinet doors and drawers were made by us at our shop. Our two-man team then fabricated the rest of the entire unit on site. We made sure the closet was large enough to create ample space for our client’s clothes. Just think, the closet doors are nearly 8 feet tall!

home improvement fabricated wardrobe hom 629.jpg

And this is what it looks like after. The wardrobe unit does not only make their clothes storage more organized and efficient, but it is also more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It’s one very practical and space-saving solution that our client definitely appreciated.

Our Client Can Now Enjoy The Benefits of a Quality Wardrobe

Here’s what the wardrobe looks like inside and in use. Check out all the space they have for all of their things!

home construction project wardrobe customized in use.jpg

They now can enjoy:

  • Maximum efficiency. Even if the wardrobe is big, it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room. Instead of wasting space, every inch is practically used in an attractive way.

  • Beautiful design. Because the wardrobe is custom-made, the style and finish complement the theme and design of their home.

  • More storage. Hanging space for clothes to prevent creasing, shoes neatly arranged, folded items in drawers and shelves, an open area on drawers to display knickknacks - all of this in one piece of furniture.

Do you need a wardrobe to create more space in your beautiful home? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski