Here to Help: Successful Home Improvement Projects This Fourth Week of June

Are you ready to have fun with clay? The Dean Road Ceramics Studio has organized a one-day open house called Annual Day in Clay, to be held this June 22. You can either enjoy the ceramics exhibition in their fully-equipped studio or get more hands-on with a ceramics project you get to work on yourself. Plus, there are complementary beverages and snacks! Learn more about the clay experience here.

Hōm Group has our own special works of art. They might not be made of clay, but they are just as beautiful! With dedicated craftsmanship and an eye for detail, the team has produced amazing results for our many clients. We’ve featured a few of our projects below.

Improving Kitchen Aesthetics for this Property in Auburn

We’ve had the opportunity to work with clients who oversee many properties in Auburn, Alabama. Our home improvement projects preserve and even increase the value of these properties.

This particular project is for one of our our property management clients. Although the counter tops showed no signs of excessive wear and tear, the style was quite outdated. From the material to the color, it was about time for change.

damaged cabinet outdated countertops auburn alabama.jpg

And that was not the only problem! The cabinet below the kitchen sink was damaged. Let’s take a closer look.

water damage on cabinet auburn alabama.jpg

The plumbing in the kitchen had been leaking for quite some time. This caused extensive damage to the cabinet below the sink. To fix the damage, we removed the bottom surface of the cabinet. Then we killed all of the mold and replaced the bottom with cabinet grade plywood. Next, we applied Kilz primer and painted the entire inside of the cabinet.

fixed kitchen cabinet auburn home improvement.jpg

After three hours of work, this is what the kitchen cabinet looks like. But the team wasn’t done just yet. Remember those outdated counter tops? We replaced them with fresh laminate tops, improving the overall appearance of the kitchen.

auburn countertops replaced kitchen remodel.jpg

Livening up an Alabama Dining Room with Trim and Paint

Our next client was also having trouble with outdated aesthetics. The deep red in their dining room looked very passé. Plus, it also lacked details making the space look dull and boring. To liven things up, we started working on the room’s trim and paint.

auburn room needs improvement home remodel.jpeg

We installed picture frame wainscoting trim work using “base cap” molding. This decorative wood profile gives a more sophisticated look and feel to the area.

trim work and painting dining room auburn.jpg

Next, we used Behr Marquee to paint over the old red. It’s usually difficult and time-consuming to transition from dark to light when it comes to paint. With years of experience, we’ve found that Behr Marquee paint does this exceptionally well.

Overall, the project took us 2 and a half days. We spent one day for the trim, and one and a half for the paint. Our client was quite satisfied with how we transformed their dining room.

trim work and painting replaced in dining room auburn.jpg

The team makes sure to review the entire project with the homeowner before leaving. We want to involve our clients as much as possible, which is why we always explain what we did, discuss any issues we faced as well as how we resolved them. Because of how attentive and committed we are, we get very little callbacks on our projects. Usually, it’s just for minor touch ups. We always encourage clients to call us if they need anything at all. When we do get the occasional callback pop up, we respond immediately and try to get the job completed within one to two days.

Do you need prompt and quality home improvement that produces beautiful results? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski