Projects to Maximize the Beauty of Homes in Auburn This Third Week of June

Summertime is the season where families spend more time outside, relaxing and enjoying their vacation. And it is for this specific reason why home improvement is perfect during the summer. While you are away, your house gets renovated without any interruptions or inconveniences. Coming home from your trip is made even better when you see your new and improved property.

To showcase the wonders of renovating your home during this season, below are some examples of home improvement projects we have worked on this week.

Make First Impressions Last with an Aesthetic Living Room

It took our team five days doing the finishing touches on this project in Auburn, Alabama. Check out the painted wood paneling, a new 1x6 window trim and customized fabrication on the built-in shelves, drawers, and cabinets in the photo!

For this project, we made sure to use only high-grade pine and cabinet grade plywood. Lastly, we wrapped the fireplace with stacked up quartz stones for a nice feel.

living room improvement auburn.jpg

The living room is every home’s face – it’s the first ever room your guests see whenever they visit your home. To impress your guests, you need to consider the aesthetics of your living area. First impressions last, and the living room’s appearance can make or break the mood of your home in the eyes of an outsider. Receiving and entertaining guests can be taxing and troublesome. With an excellent front to greet them, they will spend most of their time over admiring your home.

Protect Your Food with a Fortified Pantry

Not all food can be stored in the fridge. Some need to be stored in room temperature to maximize shelf life. Enter pantries, your storage place for food that hates the cold, and a place where all your dishes and utensils can go.

There is only one catch with pantries though – food inside pantries are more prone to infestation. The fridge has cold temperatures to ward off intruders, which pantries don’t have. Thus, pantries must be tightly-designed, so pests will be unable to enter.

fabricated pantry auburn.jpeg

At Hōm Group, we use the best materials to ensure the durability and security of your pantries. Handled by a team of two, shelving this pantry took us a single day. With two layers of ¾ inch cabinet grade plywood and a 1x2 trim, renovating and fabricating this food storage room was all done on-site. With the job done, our client can now store their food safely without worrying about any pests!

Do Not Get Floored with Hardwood

When floors are concerned, wood is generally better than carpets. Not only do carpets collect dust, but they usually have very high maintenance requirements. Wood floors minimize maintenance efforts and last longer than carpets. Furthermore, wood floors can also promote healthier air, as they do not trap dust or pollen particles that may be trigger allergies.

Seeing the benefits of hardwood flooring, our client called us in. We replaced their old carpeting with well-engineered hardwood to serve as the flooring of this house. In just a week, three persons managed to install 1,500 square feet of the floor. Quick work!

carpeted to hardwood flooring auburn.jpg

A well-engineered and well-maintained wood flooring like this can withstand the test of time, serving this homeowner indefinitely.

Keeping Your Doorways As Inviting as Possible

As the temple that showcases your personality, doorways are an indication of who you are as a person, and how you treat your house and guests. A not-so-maintained doorway shows how little you care for the small but essential details in your life.

As front doorways go hand-in-hand with the living room in providing your guests their first impressions, these should also look as pleasing as possible. Your doorways must blend well with the living room’s design.

improved doorway auburn.jpg

This photo shows the design we made for the crown molding, doorway trim, and wainscot of a client in Auburn. Using mostly 1x2, 1x4 and 1x6 solid pine for the trim, we used two separate pieces to position the crown molding efficiently. Doing so makes the doorway appear larger while avoiding the high expense it usually takes to achieve the look.

Our client was happy with their well-designed and spacious doorway. With a doorway like this, they could show any guests that they’re off to a good start.

Achieving the Most Captivating Pier Design

Who does not love a good fishing session? Having a pier with a state-of-the-art design will keep your loved ones and your guests entertained for hours. And for those who don’t like fishing, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery.

pier constructed in auburn.jpeg

An executive for a national general contractor called us in because he wanted a pier in his backyard to go fishing. This job was a little easier as the pond was being drained for other work. The pier we designed is framed with pressure treated lumber and designed with composite decking. This decking will never rot or decay, and will never require regular maintenance such as staining or sealing.

We definitely did our job in creating a beautiful pier to match the view. Plus, it’s low-maintenance too!

Enjoy the Outside Breeze While Staying in Your Screen Room

A screened room is a great way to enjoy the breeze of the outdoors without creating an entry point for insects and other pests. With rooms like these, you will never have to worry about insects attacking you while you sit and relax.

screen room installation auburn.jpeg

The team used pressure treated pine to make the frames. After that, we installed the screen system using ScreenTight-branded screens. It required three people four days to finish the project.

We take all the appropriate measures to assure a job well done. Thus, we made sure to leave a gap of 4 weeks so the pressure treated lumber could dry out before painting. The wait was worth it, as you can see from the results.

Keep Your Privacy with Quality Fences

Most people prefer to have privacy inside their own homes. Privacy fences ensure that no outsiders can disturb your home’s privacy, and can also protect you from intruders.

shadow box privacy fence auburn.jpg

This photo shows our installation of 275 feet of shadow box privacy fence for our client’s home.  We used typical fencing materials such as 4x4 pressure-treated lumber for the posts, 2x4 for the horizontal supports, and 6-feet dog-ear pickets. These posts were set at least 24 inches in the ground with concrete to ensure stability.

Healthy Fun for Your Kids with an Outdoor Playhouse

A playhouse or playpen is an excellent way of satisfying the play-and-learn needs of our kids. With a great playhouse, they can have adventures with their imagination. So should you go for a store-bought playpen, or build one for them? Kids would greatly appreciate something customized, as it personalize the experience for them. Not everybody has the time to build one, though.

playhouse carpentry in progress auburn.jpg

We solved this dilemma for one of our clients. Made of pressure-treated pine with half of it under a metal roof, our team built an 8x8 playhouse for kids as shown in the photo below.

playhouse installation auburn.jpeg

All these home improvements can benefit homeowners all over Auburn. You can ensure that your house looks great and functions properly. Plus, you get to show your personality and enhance your lifestyle, making it more of a home than a house. Your home is your haven, and you should feel comfortable every time you set foot in your home.

Do you want to enhance the look and feel of your house with a home improvement project? Our carpenters can work on it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Shawn Lewandowski